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[EVENT] Invite Friends !!!

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Hi Adventurer,

we will tell adventurers about this event,this event intends to enliven the server so that adventurers are comfortable playing in Nero Ragnarok. As for the terms and conditions for this event are :

  1. Invite friends to play on Nero RO at least log in for 7 days.
  2. For friends who have been invited and are not active for 7 days, they are not entitled to get a reward from GM.
  3. Minimum invite 5 or above friends to play on Nero RO.(not untill 10 people)
  4. if they invites above 10 people will claim a migration reward(guild/not)
  5. for those who invite friends must report nickname friends and ss together with GM who are online.
  6. if already claim reward migration guild  can't claim this reward and vice versa.
  7. rules can be change at anytime,etc.


Reward that invites friends :

  • 1x "Custom Wing" which one on Quest Item
  • 1x Gift Buff Set for 7 days
  • 1x Convex Mirror
  • 1x HE Bubble Gum (Increase Drop Rate 200%)
  • 100x Poring Coin
  • 10x Event Tickets
  • 2x Gold Coins

The people who Invited :

  • 1x "Custom Wing" from GM
  • 1x Gift Buff Set for 7 days
  • 1x Bubble Gum (Increase Drop Rate 100%)
  • 50x Poring Coin
  • 5x Event Tickets
  • 1x Gold Coins


So What are you waiting for? Let's Go Invite Your Friends and Get The Rewards !!

✌️ Happy Nero Ragnarok ✌️


NOTE : Reward and Rules can be change at anytime

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