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Migration Reward

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Migration Reward

A Reward That They have a Guild or Not.

Migrasi Guild Reward: Min 10 orang/10th People (Anggota/Members)

Migrasi Reward(Non Guild): min 10 Orang/10th People 

💝~Ketua/Leader(that people who invites):~💝

~Bubble gum HE 2x(Ketua/Lead/Invites)~
~Valk set
~Convex mirror 3x(Ketua/Lead/Invites)~
~Event ticket 10x(Ketua/Lead/Invites)~
~Porco 200x(Ketua/Lead/Invites)~
~Plat Coin 2x (Ketua/Lead/Invites)~


🧧~Anggota/Member(that people who Invited):~🧧

~Bubble gum 2x(seluruh Anggota/All Members/Invited)~
~Mithryl 2x(seluruh Anggota/All Members/Invited)~
~Convex mirror
2x(seluruh Anggota/All Members/Invited)~
~Event Ticket
5x(seluruh Anggota/All Members/Invited)~
100x(seluruh Anggota/All Members/Invited)~


Rules to invited/Guild Migration:

1. that people who invites/migration guild must have a Proofment of their relationship.

(by Photos or friendlist of Social Media)

2. that people who invites/migration guild to nero ro must have a contribution for server.

(ex: don't play gross on game,didn't play with any harm tools or cheats.)

3. must promote this server first to other advertising grup or follow up on promotion of this server on the other links/Thread.

(1 people 3 different grup promote/follow up)

4. must have a proof of their promotion/follow up for claim this reward.

(By SS/ send link of they're promotion/follow up to pm admin/GM)

5. must review/follow up Nero ragnarok Server on ratemyserver forum.

6. at least they must login in server by 7 days(1 week) to claim the reward.

(Absence 1 people once/Day)


Hope u follow the rules and Enjoy,Neros!

Regards, OwnerAubery.


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