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Nero Spesification Server!

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Nero Ragnarok Online
Spec Nero Ragnarok
New High Rate Server
FairPlay Staff GM , Active Admin and GM Friendly
Lvl/Job : 250/90
Job 2nd ( Champion,Lord Knight,Assassin Cross, Dll)
Base & Job Level Rates = 100000x /100000x [ High Rate ]

Momon Equip Drop = 60%
MVP Equip Drop = 30%
Dex No Cast = 150
Max Aspd = 193
Max Stats = 250
Normal Card Drops : 50%
Maintown = Prontera (Custom)
MVP Card Drops = 5% / LHz : 2.5%
GodLy Item = DISABLE!!

Server 24Hours ONLINE !!
Command Player in game
Please Check In Games! @commands

~Custom NPC List~
• NPC Job Master
• NPC Status and Skill Reseter
• NPC Quest Headgear
• NPC Buffer
• NPC Warper
• NPC PvP Warper
• NPC PvP Ladder
• NPC Coin Exchanger

--- And Many More ---

~ Event NPC List~
• Event NPC Disguise
• Event NPC Cluckers
• Auto Event Poring Catcher
• Auto Last Man Standing
• Event Monster Wiki
• And from GM event
--- And Many More ---

CP : https://www.neroragnarok.com Nero Ragnarok CP!
Fanspage : Just Click On Social CP!
Kaskus Post: https://www.kaskus.co.id/post/5d22f1a7c9518b3640648661#post5d22f1a7c9518b3640648661

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