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Reward Kaskuser

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Kaskuser Reward

A Reward for Kaskuser Below

For Kaskuser who have under 1000th post


~1x Costume Item for Kaskuser Only~

~2x Gacha~

~4x Bag of Gold Coin~

~100x Platinum Coin~

~25x Event Ticket~

~250x Porco (Poring Coin)~

~15x Proof of Donation~


For Kaskuser who have above 1000th post


~2x Costume Item for Kaskuser Only

~5x Gacha~

~7x Bag of Gold Coin

~200x Platinum Coin

~50x Event Ticket

~400x Porco (Poring Coin)

~30x Proof of Donation


The Rules for Claim Reward:

1. They must have a proof about they're id kaskuser about to claim they're reward.(By SS Kaskus Profile)

2. Must Promote first nero ragnarok server on the other advertising PSRO group on Social media.

3. after promoting, must SS ur promotion and send to admin/GM by PM/WA(WhatsApp Contact)

4. Must present it on Kaskus Nero Ragnarok Post (U Can Click here for Present, Here, or Here for Present) by Ur IGN and Review bout Nero RO.

5. if u have done it at all the rules, u must SS it and send to admin/GM by PM/WA(WhatsApp Contact) ur promote SS to Owner Aubery(Aubery)/GM Event Luckey (Ovan Rezky)

6. U must review Nero Server on Ratemyserver.

7. at least before u claim, u must login on nero ro by 3 day and present it to Admin/GM once/Day.

FYI: if u don't know about Owner/GM Contact just get join quickly into games and save their contacts at Donation Information NPC.


Happy Neros!



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