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Reward Kaskuser

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Kaskuser Reward

A Reward for Kaskuser Below

For Kaskuser who have under 1000th post


~1x Custom Wing for Kaskuser Only~

~1x Gift Buff Set For 7 Day Rent~

~1x Convex Mirror 

~1x Bubble Gum (Increase Drop Rate 100%)

~5x Event Ticket 

~100x Porco (Poring Coin)

~2x Gold Coin


For Kaskuser who have above 1000th post


~1x Custom Wing for Kaskuser Only

~1x Custom Headgear for Kaskuser Only

~1x Gift Buff Set For 7 Day Rent

~2x Convex Mirror

~1x HE Bubble Gum (Increase Drop Rate 200%)

~10x Event Ticket

~200x Porco (Poring Coin)

~2x Mithryl Coin


The Rules for Claim Reward:

1. They must have a proof about they're id kaskuser about to claim they're reward.(By SS/Send Link Kaskus)

2. Must Promote first nero ragnarok server on the other advertising PSRO grup on Social media.

3. after promoting must SS ur promotion and send to admin/GM by PM 

4. Must present it on Kaskus Nero Ragnarok Post (U Can Click here for Present or Here for Present) by IGN and ur Review bout Nero RO.

5. if u have done it at all the rules, u must SS it to admin/GM in grup by PM ur promote SS to Admin Aubery(Nero Ragnarok)/GM Event (Ovan Rezky)

6. U must review Nero Server on Ratemyserver.(Click Here!)

7. at least before u claim, u must login on nero ro by 3 day and present it to Admin/GM once/Day.


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