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    Abbey zoom

    well hello there! fyi, camera settings in abbey maps its original/default settings that it can't be setting again. besides, nero ragnarok has a client 2018 that can't setting camera zoom in/out things in the client. well i hope u still enjoying playing at nero ragnarok though! thank u for ur supports and reports!!😍 Regards, OwnerAubery.
  3. πŸ’ŒNews Updated Nero Ragnarok 28th FebruariπŸ’Œ ~New NERO LUCKY ROULLETE FEATUREπŸ’₯~ ~New Updated LUCKY QUEST SHOPπŸ’£~ ~New Updated DONATE SHOPπŸ’£~ ~New Updated CASH SHOPπŸ’£~ ~New Updated Drop Costume MINI BOSS!πŸ‘“~ ~New Updated Drop PLATINUM COINπŸŽ“~ ~New Updated PLATINUM COIN Switched to BAG OF GOLD COINπŸ’«~ ~New Updated EVENT PLATINUM COIN REWARDEDπŸ’~ ~New Updated Patch 27-28th Maintenance~ πŸ’Ž -::Next Updated 27-28 March 2020!!::- ~QUEST SHOP~ ~CASH SHOP~ ~NEW DROP COSTUME~ ~NEW UPDATED FEATURE~ Regards, OwnerAubery. Happy Neros!!
  4. admin


    of course for starter pack of new player is leveling and farming items , u know u have new players reward if u really new player in this server thou.. since in the beginning in this server theres a lot of reward to support players leveling and farmingπŸ˜„ Regards,OwnerAubery Owner NeroRagnarok, Happy Neros!
  5. Well Hello there, i'm really sorry for not aswer it ur question for a long time.. since that u have a trouble with ur connection , i recommend u to updates ur own KRO into latest KRO, and then reinstall it Nero Lite Client. if those way its still didn't work at all , i recommend u to test it ur own connection signal. *Make sure ur connection is stable. Regards,OwnerAubery Owner NeroRagnarok, Happy Neros!
  6. What kind of ur error sir ? can we help u the way u can ? u can showing ur problems with another prove(SS/Record Video) for validation of ur Errors. Regards,OwnerAubery
  7. oh kalau begitu download lagi nero lite client nya kak , lalu di replace ke folder nero fullclient nya. jika masih tidak bisa dimohon download kro nya lalu bikin 1 folder baru dan isi folder nya dengan kro baru nya dan lite client nero. karna sampai saat ini fullclient nero masih belum work untuk beberapa windows. Salam,OwnerAubery.
  8. that've must be trouble on ur connection to saving source of patch. please reinstall it to success it ur patching . if that didn't work to please redownload ur kro & nero lite client and replace it in 1 new folder. Regards,OwnerAubery.
  9. πŸ”₯~Sunday~πŸ”₯ Start From 20:00-22:00 WIB (Check On WOE Information NPC) At Kriemhild (prtg_cas01) πŸ”₯~Thursday~πŸ”₯ Start From 20:00-21:00 WIB (Check On WOE Information NPC) At Bright Arbor (payg_cas01) πŸ”₯~Friday(TGIF)~πŸ”₯ Start From 21:00-22:00 WIB (Check On WOE Information NPC) At Repherion (gefg_cas01) Thats All of Schedule of WOE This time Based On Highly VOTE FB Group. May u Enjoy for WOE. βœ”οΈSOON WILL ANNOUNCE GOLDEN WAR OF EMPERIUM!!!βœ”οΈ WAIT FOR NEXT UPDATE!! Regards, OwnerAubery.
  10. Hi Adventurer, Untuk memperingati hari kemerdekaan Indonesia yang ke-74 tahun kami dari tim Admin ingin mengadakan suatu event berikut keterangan nya : - Terdapat 1 NPC di Quest Room (Limited) - Di dalam Room tersebut nanti terdapat 1NPC Quest Limited Independence Day - Adventurer yang ingin mengikuti event tersebut akan di pandu untuk menjalankan quest dan mendapatkan sebuah hadiah Custome Hat - Player yang berhasil menjalankan Quest Limited Tersebut akan mendapatkan hadiah seperti gambar di atas - Quest tersebut yaitu mengumpulkan drop item dari sebuah monster lalu nanti akan di tukarkan ke NPC - Monster tersebut mirip dengan salah satu hewan yang ada di indonesia, berikut: - Beruang (Bigfoot) , Buaya (Alligator) , Kakiseribu (Centipede) , Kumbang (Beetle King) - Kumpulkan drop item yang sudah di tentukan di NPC dari Monster tersebut dan tukarkan dengan hadiah - Event Ini Hanya Berlaku pada Tanggal 17 Agustus 2019 00.00 WIB - 18 Agustus 2019 23.59 WIB MERDEKA ATAU MATI , NKRI HARGA MATIπŸ”₯ !!!!!! SELAMAT MENUNAIKAN EVENT YANG FITRI 😍
  11. admin

    Reward Kaskuser

    Kaskuser Reward A Reward for Kaskuser Below For Kaskuser who have under 1000th post βœ”οΈ~Reward:~βœ”οΈ ~1x Costume Item for Kaskuser Only~ ~2x Gacha~ ~4x Bag of Gold Coin~ ~100x Platinum Coin~ ~25x Event Ticket~ ~250x Porco (Poring Coin)~ ~15x Proof of Donation~ For Kaskuser who have above 1000th post βœ”οΈ~Reward:~βœ”οΈ ~2x Costume Item for Kaskuser Only ~5x Gacha~ ~7x Bag of Gold Coin ~200x Platinum Coin ~50x Event Ticket ~400x Porco (Poring Coin) ~30x Proof of Donation The Rules for Claim Reward: 1. They must have a proof about they're id kaskuser about to claim they're reward.(By SS Kaskus Profile) 2. Must Promote first nero ragnarok server on the other advertising PSRO group on Social media. 3. after promoting, must SS ur promotion and send to admin/GM by PM/WA(WhatsApp Contact) 4. Must present it on Kaskus Nero Ragnarok Post (U Can Click here for Present, Here, or Here for Present) by Ur IGN and Review bout Nero RO. 5. if u have done it at all the rules, u must SS it and send to admin/GM by PM/WA(WhatsApp Contact) ur promote SS to Owner Aubery(Aubery)/GM Event Luckey (Ovan Rezky) 6. U must review Nero Server on Ratemyserver. 7. at least before u claim, u must login on nero ro by 3 day and present it to Admin/GM once/Day. FYI: if u don't know about Owner/GM Contact just get join quickly into games and save their contacts at Donation Information NPC. Happy Neros! Regards,OwnerAubery
  12. admin

    Rules Nero Ragnarok!

    Rules of Nero Ragnarok _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ πŸ›‘~Dilarang keras untuk bermusuhan antar guild yang berdampak akan rusaknya server.~ πŸ›‘~Not Allowed to Hostile with the others Guild That may cause Damaged Server.~ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- πŸ›‘~Dilarang keras untuk bermusuhan antar player dalam game dan dibawa ke real life.~ πŸ›‘~Not Allowed to hostile with the others Player in game and brought over Real Life.~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ πŸ›‘~Dilarang keras untuk berkata kata SARA kepada player lain terutama kepada GM.~ πŸ›‘ ~Not Allowed to say SARA words to others Player especially to GM.~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ πŸ›‘~Dilarang keras untuk mem-promosikan RO server lain didalam grup atau in game (BANNED).~ πŸ›‘~Not Allowed to promote others RO SERVER in Server Grup or in Game (Banned).~ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- πŸ›‘~Jika ada masalah dalam game harap kabarkan/personal message GM terlebih dahulu agar tidak terbawa emosi.~ πŸ›‘~If there any trouble in game please tell it/Personal Message GM before in order to not brought by emotion.~ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- πŸ›‘~Jika ada bugs/eror harap segera laporkan ke GM terkait masalahnya.~ πŸ›‘~If there is something Bugs/Error please report to GM about it.~ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- πŸ›‘~Jika ada saran/masukan terhadap server harap lapor ke GM agar bisa dipertimbangkan.~ πŸ›‘~If there is any Suggestion/Critics for Server please report to GM that may be considered.~ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- πŸ›‘~Tidak diperbolehkan menggunakan cheat RPE/MACRO PROGRAM/MACRO F1-F9/BOT FARMING/HUNT dalam game (BANNED SEUMUR HIDUP)~ πŸ›‘~Not Allowed Use any Cheats/Tool of RPE/MACRO PROGRAM/F1-F9 MACRO/BOT FARMING/HUNT in Game(Banned for WHOLE LIFE!)~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- βœ”οΈ~Keputusan GM/ADMIN adalah mutlak tidak bisa di ganggu gugat.~ βœ”οΈ~GM/ADMIN Decision is ABSOLUTE and it can't be DISTURBED.~ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: The Rules will not ever to change. Enjoy,Neros!~ ~Regards, OwnerAubery.~
  13. admin

    Custome MVP Drop!

    Hi Adventurer, We're about to anounce the information of Custome MVP's Drop, There here is : Custome Upper on MVP's : Doppelgangger Drake Maya Moonlight Pharaoh Phreoni Orc Lord Garm Dark Lord Evil Snake Lord Amon Ra Tao Gunka RSX-0806 Bacsojin Lady Tanee Thanatos Detardeus Kiel D-01 Valkyrie Randgris Gloom Under Night Atroce Fallen Bishop Beelzeboobs Gopinich WhiteSmith Ifrit's Custome Middle on MVP's : Baphomet Golden Thief Bug Orc Hero Lord Of Death Ygnizem Egninem Cenia Lord Knight Assasin Cross Eremes High Priest Magaleta Sniper Shecil High Wizard Katrinn Custome Lower on MVP's : Osiris Mistress Edgga Knight Of Windstorm Turtle General Incrarnation of Samurai Dracula Vesper Ktulannux Wounded Morroc Nidhogg'r Shadow NOTE : ALL CUSTOME DROPS ARE 2 - 2,5% | EFFECT CUSTOME CHECK BY YOURSELF | IT CAN CHANGE BY ADMIN AT ANYTIME
  14. Hi Adventurer, Terimakasih Kepada Semua Player yang telah bermain dalam mode "Test Beta" dan juga yang telah memberi masukan kepada server ini sehingga telah berjalan lancar dengan semestinya. Adapun yang saya ingin beritahukan kepada kalian mengenai 10 Player yang beruntung untuk mendapatkan reward : 2000002 ID : qinta** 2000008 ID : anak** 2000010 ID : conqueror2** 2000011 ID : satya** 2000014 ID : egiparengkuan** 2000018 ID : bamz1** 2000021 ID : rifkyharis** 2000022 ID : kuronek** 2000023 ID : anandaro** 2000024 ID : engkz1** Untuk ID yang tertera diatas silahkan hubungi/pm GM Event Luckey untuk Claim Rewards Salam, Luckey
  15. Problem Solved! Regards, Admin~
  16. Hi Adventurer, Click Link below to claim reward : Join Grup Facebook Click link - Join Grup - Absen di Comment
  17. Hi Adventurer, I Would like to inform that(Upgraded): 🎁Reward🎁 Reward that invites friends : 2x "Costume Item" which one on Cashshop Item(Reward Will be on Cashpoints)/Random By GM/Owner(Non Effect) 250x Plat Coin 10x Bag of Gold Coin 300x Poring Coin 25x Event Tickets 3x GACHA/Nero Lucky Roullete The people who Invited : 1x "Costume item" Totaly Random From GM/Owner(Non Effect) 150x Plat Coin 5x Bag of Gold Coin 250x Poring Coin 5x Event Tickets 2x GACHA/Nero Lucky Roullete As for the terms and conditions for this event are : Invite friends to play on Nero RO at least log in for 7 days. For friends who have been invited and are not active for 7 days, they are not entitled to get a reward from GM. Minimum invite 5 or above friends to play on Nero RO.(not untill 10 people) if they invites above 10 people will claim a migration reward(Link to Guild Migration Reward) for those who invite friends must report nickname friends and ss together with GM who are online. if already claim reward migration guild can't claim this reward and claim twice /person. rules can be change at anytime,etc. So What are you waiting for? Let's Go Invite Your Friends and Get The Rewards !! ✌️ Happy Nero Ragnarok ✌️ NOTE : Reward and Rules can be change at anytime
  18. admin

    Migration Reward

    Migration Reward A Reward That They have a Guild or Not. Migrasi Guild Reward: Min 10 orang/10th People (Anggota/Members) Migrasi Reward(Non Guild): min 10 Orang/10th People πŸ’~Ketua/Leader(that people who invites):~πŸ’ ~GACHA/Nero Lucky Roullete 5x(Ketua/Lead/Invites)~ ~Equipment Set (Request Freely) +10 1x(Ketua/Lead/Invites)~ ~Custom Item/Costume Item Free Choosing 1x(Ketua/Lead/Invites)~ ~Event ticket 50x(Ketua/Lead/Invites)~ ~Porco 450x(Ketua/Lead/Invites)~ ~Plat Coin 200x (Ketua/Lead/Invites)~ ~Bag of Gold Coin 15x (Ketua/Lead/Invites)~ 🧧~Anggota/Member(that people who Invited):~🧧 ~GACHA/Nero Lucky Roullete 3x(seluruh Anggota/All Members/Invited)~ ~Equipment Set (Diablo/Valk set) +10 1x(seluruh Anggota/All Members/Invited)~ ~Custom Item/Costume Item Random(Totaly Random from GM) 1x(seluruh Anggota/All Members/Invited)~ ~Bag of Gold Coin 5x(seluruh Anggota/All Members/Invited)~ ~Poring Coin 200x(seluruh Anggota/All Members/Invited)~ ~Event Ticket 25x(seluruh Anggota/All Members/Invited)~ Rules to invited/Guild Migration: 1. that people who invites/migration guild must have a Proofment of their relationship. (by Photos or friendlist of Social Media) 2. that people who invites/migration guild to nero ro must have a contribution for server. (ex: don't play gross on game,didn't play with any harm tools or cheats.) 3. must promote this server first to other advertising grup or follow up on promotion of this server on the other links/Thread. (1 people 3 different grup promote/follow up) 4. must have a proof of their promotion/follow up for claim this reward. (By SS/ send link of they're promotion/follow up to pm admin/GM) 5. must review/follow up Nero ragnarok Server on ratemyserver forum. 6. at least they must login in server by 7 days(1 week) to claim the reward. (Absence 1 people once/Day) Hope u follow the rules and Enjoy,Neros! Regards, OwnerAubery.
  19. Hi Adventurer, Here goes our custom effect of mvp card : Angeling Card ~ Element Holy ~ Unfroze (Anti Beku) Sniper Card [ Effect MvP Card] ~ Increase Long Attack 45% Lord Knight Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Enable Skill Berserk ~ Increase bowling bash 35% ~ Increase Damage fisik on Demihuman 5% High Priest Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Increase holy light 100% ~ Increase Max HP 10% ~ Reduce Damage from Demihuman 5% Whitesmith Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~Headgear Location ~ Effect Asli ~ Increase cart termination 35% Assassin Cross Card [ Effect MvP Card ] Enable Skill Cloaking Lv 10 Increase Damage on Demihuman 5% Increase Sonic Blow 65% Allstats +2 High Wizard Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Effect Asli ~ Reduce Casting Delay After Cast 10% ~ Increase Matk 30% Kiel Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Reduce Delay After Cast 25% Golden Thief Bug Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Reduce Damage Magic 50% ~Anti Dispell Orc Hero Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~Anti Stun ~ Vit+5 ~ Max HP 5% Pharaoh Card [ Effect MvP Card ] Increase Acid Demonstration 15% Ifrit Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Effect asli ~ Increase Damage all enemies 10% ~ Allstats +3 Berzebub Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Increase Matk 10% ~ Reduce Casting All Skills 30% ~ Refleck Single Magic 5% Ygnizem Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Increase Max HP & Max SP 20% Eddga Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Enable Skill Endure ~ Increase Max HP 10% Drake Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Increase Damage fisik on Medium Size 25% Turtle General Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Increase Damage Increase Demihuman 25% ~Effect Asli Dracula Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ All Status +5 Doppleganger Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Increase ASPD 170 Atroce Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~Atk +100 ~ Increase Long Range Attack 25% Dark Lord Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Increase Damage fisik on Demihuman 5% ~ Reduce Damage fisik from Demihuman 5% Ktullanux Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Unfrozen ~ Increase Damage to Fire Monster 50% Orc Lord Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Reflect serangan Fisik 50% OsiriS Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Increase Max HP & Max SP 5% Phreeoni Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Hit +150 Vesper Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ All Status +2 ~ Ignore Mdef All monster by 30% Amonra Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~ Effect Asli ~ Reduce after Delay All Skill 10% Dark Snake Lord Card [ Effect MvP Card ] ~effect aseli ~ increase matk 5% NOTE : IT CAN CHANGE AT ANYTIME
  20. Nero Ragnarok Online Spec Nero Ragnarok New High Rate Server FairPlay Staff GM , Active Admin and GM Friendly Lvl/Job : 250/90 Job 2nd ( Champion,Lord Knight,Assassin Cross, Dll) Base & Job Level Rates = 100000x /100000x [ High Rate ] Momon Equip Drop = 60% MVP Equip Drop = 30% Dex No Cast = 150 Max Aspd = 193 Max Stats = 250 Normal Card Drops : 50% Maintown = Prontera (Custom) MVP Card Drops = 5% / LHz : 2.5% GodLy Item = DISABLE!! BOT HUNTING = BANNED!! BOT BUFFER = ALLOWED!! Server 24Hours ONLINE !! Command Player in game Please Check In Games! @commands ~Custom NPC List~ β€’ NPC Job Master β€’ NPC Status and Skill Reseter β€’ NPC Quest Headgear β€’ NPC Buffer β€’ NPC Warper β€’ NPC PvP Warper β€’ NPC PvP Ladder β€’ NPC Coin Exchanger --- And Many More --- ~ Event NPC List~ β€’ Event NPC Disguise β€’ Event NPC Cluckers β€’ Auto Event Poring Catcher β€’ Auto Last Man Standing β€’ Event Monster Wiki β€’ And from GM event --- And Many More --- CP : https://www.neroragnarok.com Nero Ragnarok CP! Fanspage : Just Click On Social CP! Kaskus Post: https://www.kaskus.co.id/post/5d22f1a7c9518b3640648661#post5d22f1a7c9518b3640648661
  21. admin

    CBT Info!

    Hi Adventurer, I want to tell us about CBT Tester : After CBT Tester there will be a rollback system, but a rollback is only for a JOB.For goods or equipment that are already adventurers get,they will not rollback. Leave report message to owner/gm about the bugs or something. 10 Lucky adventurer while playing at CBT Tester will get some "Custom Wing" from GM. All the infromation i have written can change at anytime. And many more Regards,GM Luckey
  22. admin


    Dear Mas Beol, Untuk saat ini server masih tahap pengembangan dan persiapan Open Beta(OBT) di bulan agustus. Agar server Nero Ragnarok bisa dengan Optimal Dalam performance supaya para player enjoy pada saat bermain nanti. Di tunggu aja ya mas beol 😁 Regards Admin Nero Ragnarok OwnerAubery
  23. admin

    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
  24. admin


    Welcome to your new Invision Community! Congratulations on your purchase of our software and setting up your community. Please take some time and read through the Getting Started Guide and Administrator Documentation. The Getting Started Guide will walk you through some of the necessary steps to setting up an IP.Board and starting your community. The Administrator Documentation takes you through the details of the capabilities of IP.Board. You can remove this message, topic, forum or even category at any time. Go to the documentation now...
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